What Top Realtors on Facebook are Posting

What Top Realtors on Facebook are Posting
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Realtors know that Facebook is a powerful asset to increase their dealflow, but few are using it effectively. To better understand how Realtors should be using Facebook, I analyzed thousands of Facebook posts from the most successful Realtors and Realty Agencies on Facebook.

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Takeaway #1: Don’t rely on articles

Top Real Estate Professionals frequently post articles featuring interior design, home financing, and a whole range of homebuyer and home seller content. While these may be easy to share, they don’t perform well. We could call these “filler content.” It’s important to post them, but post other content too.

Fig 1 - The type of content that Facebook’s top realtors are posting to their page

Videos are Viral

Top Real Estate Professionals only post videos 7% of the time. While videos are time consuming and take a bit of effort to properly post, you’ll find it’s worth it as videos are TWICE as engaging as articles.

Photos are KING

Photos are FOUR times more effective than articles, they are easy to come by (when you use Shotzr), and you can get hyper-local by sharing shots your followers will recognize and relate to.

Fig 2 - How Facebook users are responding to top realtors’ posts on Facebook, by Comments, Likes, and Shares

Action Item

Does your Social Media Content Calendar have ENOUGH photos to share? If not, get in touch. Shotzr will help you find original and engaging photos to share with your sphere. Need video? Check out simple video creation tools like Wochit and Animoto to turn your photos into compelling video clips.

UP NEXT: What to post about

In our next article, we’ll look at when the best realtors on Facebook are posting, and when their audience is responding. Don’t want to wait? Request our free eBook which includes a lot more detail about everything realtors need to know about Facebook!

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