What Top Realtors are Talking About on Facebook

What Top Realtors are Talking About on Facebook
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Realtors know that Facebook is a powerful asset to increase their deal flow, but few are using it effectively. To better understand how Realtors should be using Facebook, I analyzed thousands of Facebook posts from the most successful Realtors and Realty Agencies on Facebook.

In my previous article, I looked at the type of content Realtors should post to Facebook. In this article, we’ll look at what topics you should post about. 

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Takeaway #2: Realtors rely on Listings, but they shouldn't.

The 6 Top Topics posted by Top Real Estate Professionals on Facebook:

  • Listings
  • Neighborhoods
  • Inspirational Quotes and Pics
  • Decorating
  • Advice
  • Other miscellaneous content

Realtors spend most of their time posting about listings or neighborhoods. While both of these types of posts receive a high number of likes and comments from their audience, there’s another type of post that does even better. 

Fig 1 - The subject of content that Facebook’s top realtors are posting to their page
Fig 1 - The type of content that Facebook’s top realtors are posting to their page

Get Holly with Holidays.

Under 4% of Real Estate Professionals post about holidays, BUT, these posts receive great engagement. Don’t miss the opportunity to post about holidays and special occasions.

* Did you know National Chocolate Chip Cookie day is May 15th

Fig 2 - How Facebook users are responding to top realtors’ posts on Facebook, by Comments, Likes, and Shares

Action Item

Does your Social Media Content Calendar have ENOUGH holidays and special events?

If not, download the Shotzr Social Media Content Calendar and get the Shotzr app to access 1000’s of original photos for every post!

UP NEXT: When to post

In our next article, we’ll look at when the best realtors on Facebook are posting, and when their audience is responding.

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