VFX Rendered Imagery

Shotzr leverages AI, VFX, and CGI for digital marketing. Whether it’s sophisticated product renders into existing imagery, or face replacement for social content, Shotzr uses bleeding-edge tech to deliver value for our clients.


Product Renders

If you’re an agency or brand within the CPG segment, find out how we use our 3D capabilities to deliver sophisticated made-to-spec images, fast.

Shotzr VFX Product Renderings
Face Replacement

These days, privacy and rights concerns have taken on a new dimension. Shotzr can take any image — from your content, our network, or a stock photo — and replace the face with a model or machine-generated face. This can be useful in several ways. These are examples of machine-generated faces.

Creative Variant Production

Made-to-order imagery can take inputs like shopper, targeting, or affinity data from digital ad campaigns to make variations that we pre-stage for DCO (dynamic creative) or programmatic creative platforms like Facebook, The Trade Desk, or others.

Deep Learning

We are using deep learning models to facilitate the production process of targeted creative. We can structure an AI project around your high-scale imagery needs.

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