Stock images are the backbone of digital and social media marketing. But many of them fail at the only thing they’re supposed to do – capture user attention and get clicks.

While stock images are a great option for a lot of brands, some need more specific or custom photos. Whether you need photos from a specific location, containing a particular product, or targeted at a singular demographic, purpose-shot imagery is often your best option. But how can you source custom photos for your campaign without spending hours researching and negotiating with photographers?

Here are two ways you can use the Shotzr content platform – and our global network of content creators – to hire a photographer anywhere in the world and source custom photos.

(Better yet, the first option is completely free. Cool, huh?)

First, let’s talk a bit about Shotzr. (If you already use us, go ahead and skip the next paragraph.)

We’re a free stock photo service with a twist. Rather than offering up whatever junk gets uploaded, we’ve built a global network of photographers who contribute to our “Social” image library. These 100,000 or so images are free to use across any digital platform. 

(And if you need more, 72 million photos from Getty Images are on Shotzr Plus.)

But back to our network…

Any Shotzr user – free or paid – can request images from our 4,000+ photographers. Now, we can’t guarantee that they’ll have what you need. But it’s 100% free to make a request, and with so many shooters around the world, there’s a pretty good chance at least one of them has a good fit in their library.

Shotzr’s Free Image Requests

Submitting a free request for custom photos is easy:

  1. Sign up for a free account with Shotzr
  2. Hover over the FAB in the button right corner and click “Make a New Request”
  3. Enter in the details of your request and click submit
Creating a free request in Shotzr.
Creating a free request in Shotzr.

A notification will be sent out to our global network of photographers and if they have imagery that matches your request, they will respond by uploading those images and you will then receive a notification. 

While this type of not guaranteed, Shotzr photographers are monetarily rewarded for contributing to our library and are motivated by actively responding to requests.

If your image request IS location-specific, photographers who are closest to the location entered in the request form will receive a notification to respond to your request. If your image request is NOT location-specific, all photographers will receive a notification to respond to your request. 

No luck? Bummer. But you can still use our network to source custom photos with no hassle (or language barriers, for you folks doing business internationally).

How to Hire a Photographer On-Demand Using Shotzr

Whether it’s product, event, food, or real estate photography, Shotzr has you covered. When a pre-existing image or a free request won’t cut it, we leverage our global network of photographers to provide you with imagery that perfectly fits your creative brief.

We’ve built relationships with thousands of photographers across the globe. After speaking with you about your imagery needs, our team will do the legwork of finding the perfect photographer for your project and handle everything from photographer confirmation to the final image delivery. 

hire a photographer on-demand
Examples of custom photos sourced by Shotzr photographers.

Call it custom imagery on-demand. Your spec, your content, our job.
If you’re interested in booking a photographer for custom imagery for a specific project, you can learn more and submit a request here.

tl;dr: Sourcing Custom Photos the Easy Way

You don’t have to settle for the same old stock photos for your campaigns!

Check out our Social images and see if anything catches your eye. If you like it, use it on any digital channel – our treat.

Want more? Go ahead and request a specific shot from our 4,000+ global photographers. They get paid to reply – again, on us – so if there’s a match, you’re going to get it.

Need to go really custom? No problem. Just tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest. You’ll get your content, your campaign will get clicks, you’ll get a promotion and a BIG raise …

OK, maybe we went too far there.

BUT if you need to source custom photos, check Shotzr out. We’re the free stock photo site that’s nothing like a stock photo site. For every campaign and every marketing moment, we’ve got what you need.

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