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Three Ways Shotzr​ Saves You Time…. And Why You Should Download it And Use it Today

1. Cut your search time in half.

If you are someone who uses stock photography on a regular basis, such as;
A Social Media Marketer
An Agency
A Real Estate Agent or Agency
A Local Business or Restaurant
Then, you understand how time-consuming it can be searching for the “perfect” image to match the theme and messaging for your Social Media posts.

With Shotzr, you can easily narrow down your search by location or #tag and then Favorite images that catch your eye, and they are saved conveniently and ready to go when you are ready to post.

2. We have location & tagging covered.

All Shotzr images include location data and preloaded #hashtags to save you time. And, including important #hashtags and @mentions in your posts will help increase the overall reach of your posts, which can dramatically improve the engagement.



3. Sharing & posting made easy.

Using images from Shotzr is a breeze. You can post images directly to Facebook, Instagram, etc. or simply download the images directly to your device, or connected drive/cloud account, and then post it!

The Shotzr app was created to save you time, make your life easier, and also help increase your overall engagement and reach by using local imagery for your audiences.

Give it a try today by downloading the app for your iOS or Android device.

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  • Unlimited access to over 100,000 Social images
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Upgrade to Shotzr Plus to access:

Includes all free account features, plus:
  • Unlimited access to over 70 million royalty-free images
  • Image-Recommendations-as-a-Service
  • 5 user seats
  • Dedicated support
  • And much more.
Just $99/month. Cancel anytime.