Things we’ve learned from Shotzr.

Photographer Evan Semon captured this bird of prey just outside Fairplay, CO
We’ve learned a few things from Shotzr.
We’ve learned that good photography is mostly writing and imagination. It’s ideas on paper and screen.
We’ve learned we mostly stop for what we recognize. We want to see the crowd, and maybe sometimes the individual. We want to be in the crowd, looking out.
Seriously though, we’ve learned a few things from Shotzr.
We’ve learned that the best photos are alive. People. Bees. Activities. Hives. The best photos are windows, not doors. Our hopes and dreams are as simple as a busy restaurant in our thriving neighborhood. To be in the scene, part of the frame, getting there is the next best thing to being there.
The best pics are not the best pics. Those pics are full of ego and photoshop. The best pics are immediate. The best cameras can make the best pics and sometimes do. The best pics are authentic. I was there, and got the pic. Wouldn’t matter what camera really. To step back and frame the scene, on the phone, or in the viewfinder creates a window. The viewfinder is claustrophobic captured on a phone’s screen. To step in you have to step back. The megapixels are a microscope.
We’ve learned from Shotzr that options have value. Specifics matter. You do the crop. You do the photoshop. You do you. “Patience with small details makes perfect a large work” says #rumi. Not all details, the little ones.
We’ve learned that the there’s a universe inside each neighborhood. A delicate ecosystem. A food truck. A mural. A grumpy bartender. Friends play volleyball in the #washpark, and girlfriends hold hands in the #citypark. #kidsplay in the park, but only in the #summer. The mural isn’t just paint, it’s some of @beohake’s best work. The life of the city unfolds like origami. From the river north, just below the highlands. The city is a poem you see, but you can only see it from the details. #specs #spectacles #specifics #spectacular
Mostly we’ve learned that the phone screen is a reflection, a mirror, and we look into it ever asking the big questions and the ones that don’t matter. Who is the fairest. Who is the fittest. Where do the cool kids go.
Let’s put the phone down and be our best. Easy come easy go, so let the feed do just that. Let it go.
We’ve learned a few things from Shotzr. Already. And it’s early.

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