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Image API

Integrate with Shotzr’s API to programmatically source & place imagery from our library of over 72 million+ Royalty-Free photos.

AI for Image Assets

Turn assets into answers with Shotzr’s AI. Get the tools and data to programmatically make decisions about images in bulk.


Experience the most powerful image API on the planet.

Automatically source and place rights-cleared imagery for websites, apps, email campaigns, ad campaigns, and more with Shotzr’s data-driven image API.


Image Search

Find images by phrase, location, type, color, and more.

Popular Images

Find the most popular images in the platform.

Trending Images

Find trending images in the platform.

Similar Images

Find similar images by image ID, URL, or by uploading an image.


List, create, or search image Collections.

Collection Request

Request images be added to a collection using location and/or keywords.

Images by Contributor

Find images by contributor.

Shotzr Image API

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Turn assets into answers with Shotzr’s AI.

Our advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning empowers developers, platforms and brands to review, rank, and assess assets at scale.


AdScore Model

Generate contextual ranking data on images in a large set — from 50 to 50 million – and receive AdScores. Use our scores to automate image selection for higher-performing programmatic ad creative.

Reserve Image Search

Use the Reverse Image Search to find rights-cleared or brand-approved imagery that matches your highest-ranking social content, and deploy these images for brand-safe campaigns instantly.

LocationID Model

Automatically apply location data to imagery with our LocationID model. Use this data to create highly personalized creative or feed your DCO.

Shotzr AI

Learn more about Shotzr's AI & machine learning models.

Learn how you can utilize Shotzr’s AI to answer compelling questions about the imagery you use every day in order to optimize and improve digital campaign performance.