Shotzr 1.5 is in the wild!

Shotzr 1.5 is in the wild!

We’ve been busy since our initial launch, and our devs have been working hard to integrate feedback on our release app and work through our roadmap. We wanted to give you some more detail on our new version of Shotzr – v 1.5 – that just hit the app store today. Shotzr is now available nationwide, and you can see our rapidly expanding coverage map here.

Location, location, location.

Location is at the heart of everything we do at Shotzr. It’s definitely about ‘where’ for us, and we’ve added a few features that bring location support up a few notches. First, we’ve added an “explore” icon on the image details page.ed > Tap an Image > Image Details > Tap the Compass Rose (aka Explore Icon)

Shotzr 1.5. “Explore” is highlighted on the image details page.

You can now simply tap on any image with location data, tap the explore icon and see more images near that image. You can also “follow” a location just as you would a photographer or tag. Finally, you can narrow the radius of the location based queries in your profile. Imagine as a realtor or restaurant owner following property addresses and seeing images around a tight radius. These complement the existing ability to search by place with Magnifying Glass (Search) > Places.









Finally we added support for location EXIF metadata when contributing a photo. If it’s there, we will auto-populate this information, and in so doing make the rest of this location stuff work even better. Go local!

Streamlined Workflow

A big focus of this release is making it easier to get photos uploaded. To this end we’ve supported iOS 11 Files. Android users have long enjoyed access to the mobile file system, but with iOS 11 Files support in Shotzr 1.5, iOS users can now load directly from Dropbox or Google Drive, as well as other file locations. In addition, Shotzr now supports the “Share with” functionality on both Android and iOS. This means you can go right from Lightroom, Snapseed or even Facebook directly to a Shotzr post. Any app that has a “share” button is likely to be able to deliver imagery to Shotzr. It’s like that scene in Cool Runnings where they get the new sled. Smooth.

Bookmark the Feed

Our feed has always been fairly dynamic, but we’ve added an automagical bookmark feature that keeps track of what you’ve seen and what you haven’t. When you leave the app and return to the feed, it will refresh and place you where new shots can be viewed. If you want to see the older stuff just scroll “up”, and new stuff is “down”.

Direct Request Responses

One of the great things about Shotzr is the ability to make a request that automatically gets routed to contributors nearby. They’ve always been able to respond to requests, but there is now a “Respond” button on each request.

Now supporting “Direct Responses” to requests. Users will be notified as requests arrive, and request responses can be seen in addition to the original request tags.

Photographers can deliver images directly to a request, and our clients can readily see these responses. By the way, nearby photographers will now get an app notification when there are new requests, and clients will get an app notification when they receive direct responses. So, if you make a request for a local coffee shop (Huckleberry), and tag it #coffeeshop #huckleberry, you can tap on each tag in your request to see any images in Shotzr (say generic #coffeeshop shots) with those tags, but you will also see Direct Request Responses below the tags in a grid view. We are committed to making requests a rich part of the Shotzr experience, enabling you to directly interact with the talents and libraries of our verified contributors.

Enjoy the App!

We hope you really enjoy these improvements. Our dev team is now working on the next release, and we’ve got more exciting features just around the corner. We are getting thousands of fresh images every month, and on boarding new contributors from Boston to LA. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, get the app, or send feedback. We love serving this community of social media marketers and photographers as we build the world’s most dynamic on-demand image platform. #swipetapshare

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