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Utilizing Shotzr's Image Solutions for Large Scale Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns for PIN Business Network.

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The Client:

PIN Business NetworkPIN Business Network is a digital marketing agency focused on utilizing data-driven intelligence and community engagement to drive growth.

Campaign Type:

Ongoing multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.


Sourcing targeted, hyper-local imagery, at scale.

Image Solutions:

PIN receives thousands of recommended images delivered each month for campaigns curated by location & context.


PIN Business Network is a digital marketing agency focused on utilizing data-driven intelligence and community engagement to drive growth. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, PIN places an emphasis on social to build community engagement at the micro-level.

PIN engaged Shotzr to deliver thousands of images per month to be used across multiple channels for marketing purposes.

The Problem:

PIN’s emphasis on a data-driven approach to marketing means that every interaction they create for their clients’ audiences is personalized and specific. The PIN team had proven successful at crafting precise messaging and specific deployment methods tailored to drive customer growth. However, they lacked a robust image library to create a similar level of precision at the image level.

Limitations to location search in traditional stock image platforms prevented them from sourcing relevant imagery at the community level.

The Solution:

Beginning with an in-depth Discovery session with key PIN team members, Shotzr established an understanding of PIN’s multi-channel engagement strategy. PIN utilizes social media to generate 3rd party audiences and then delivers digital ads at scale to target those audiences. This strategy relies on targeting at a hyper-local level; for each client, PIN targets specific geographies at the zip code level.

What’s more, because of the dynamic nature of their marketing strategy, Account Managers require a constant flow of new imagery to be utilized both in social as well as a wider advertising context.

The Outcome:

Shotzr curated accounts for PIN Account Managers on the Shotzr Platform.

Each account includes a custom image feed curated based on both zip code and content themes for the PIN client account which is constantly updating based on available content. 

In addition to the image feed, Shotzr delivers weekly Image Collections, with images being selected based on a comprehensive analysis of over 72 million images utilizing qualifiers of geographic location and content to deliver images reflective of the precise messaging and audience subsets within each campaign.

The Shotzr Platform empowers PIN to create data-driven, multi-channel marketing campaigns utilizing constant evolving content to create personalized audience interaction which translates to customer acquisition and overall business growth.

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