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How using targeted imagery achieved 110% higher ROAS & 2X increase in revenue.

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Undisclosed Airline*

We were approached by representatives for a major United States airline in need of fresh imagery for a series of Facebook ad campaigns. *Client cannot be named publicly due to ongoing ad testing. Details available upon demo by request.

The Test

The airline, which offers flights to hundreds of destinations across the continental US along with Canada and Mexico, was utilizing generic skyline images of destination cities to advertise flights. In fact, many of the images used in these ads hadn’t been refreshed in over a year. Airline marketers were considering Shotzr as a solution to the limitations posed by stagnant ad imagery.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the Shotzr’s platform, the airline set up a simple A/B test on Facebook, focusing on three destination cities in particular. The test utilized city skyline imagery from active ad sets against dynamic Shotzr imagery for each city. The Shotzr imagery, while still location-specific, layered in a lifestyle element to better appeal to the travel-minded audience.

Ad Goal & Targeting

  • GOAL: Conversions
  • TARGETING: Confidential
  • PLACEMENT: Facebook

The Ad Creative

Control Ad

Shotzr Case Study

Shotzr Ad (Winner)

Shotzr Case Study

The Results

Shotzr’s version of the ad resulted in nearly 110% higher ROAS, with 1.5x the number of flights booked which translated to over 2x revenue for the airline.

110% Higher ROAS

2x Increase in Revenue

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