Shotzr Case Study

How using targeted imagery increased CTR's by 62% and lowered CPC's by 31%.

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Live Urban Real Estate

Live Urban Real Estate was founded in 2006 by folks who love Denver. They are proud to be a locally owned and operated small business, with their roots firmly planted in urban Denver. They are all about supporting local business and entrepreneurs in and around the Denver community.

The Test

Live Urban Real Estate uses Facebook ads as part of their content marketing strategy. Every month, they produce a wide range of value-add content for their clients and prospective clients. As they were considering Shotzr they setup a simple A/B Test: one of their top performing ads against Shotzr’s recommended ad. While their top performing ad featured a generic, interior house image, the Shotzr ad featured an image local to the ad recipient.

Ad Goal & Targeting

  • GOAL: Traffic & Link Clicks
  • TARGETING: Male + Female | Ages 25-35 | Denver, Colorado
  • PLACEMENT: Facebook & Instagram

The Ad Creative


Shotzr Case Study

SHOTZR AD (Winner)

Shotzr Case Study

The Results

Shotzr’s version of the ad resulted in 62% more clicks than the control ad. Even more important, the Cost Per Click (CPC) was 31% lower for the Shotzr ad.

62% Higher CTR

31% Lower CPC

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