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Shotzr Identify Case Study

How using targeted imagery increased CTR's by 30% and lowered CPC's by 28%

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The Client | Hey Mr. Digital Media

Hey Mr. Digital Media is a team of digital marketing and video production experts in the Denver Metro Area that thrive on results. Their passion is to help their client’s business grow. They hold over a decade of experience in all aspect of the marketing spectrum, from building email marketing campaigns and video production to branding, social media and digital marketing.

The Test

Hey Mr. Digital Media recently launched a new platform ‘Content Machine’ which is geared towards Colorado Realtors. Their platform generates high-quality real estate content and posts to Facebook and Instagram automatically for Realtors. They had been using Facebook Ads to promote their new platform. As they were considering Shotzr Identify they setup a simple A/B Test: one of their ads focused on their Content Machine against Shotzr Identify’s recommended ad. While their ad featured examples of posts and content, the Shotzr Identify ad featured two carousels of local and targeted Colorado imagery.

Ad Goal & Targeting

Goal: Traffic & Link Clicks

Targeting: Male + Female | Denver, Colorado | Realtors

Placement: Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network

The Ads



The Results

Shotzr Identify’s version of the ad resulted in 30% more clicks than the control ad. Even more important, the Cost Per Click (CPC) was 28% lower for the Shotzr Identify ad.



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