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Shotzr Case Study

How using targeted imagery increased Newsletter Signups by 31% and lowered CPC's by 24%.

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Cured Boulder

Cured is a boutique culinary shop in Boulder founded by husband and wife team, Will and Coral Frischkorn. They pride themselves on providing customers with a hand-picked selection of gourmet cheeses, charcuterie, wines, spirits and more. They are focused on preserving the personal connection with food, and sharing this mantra with like-minded customers.

The Test

Cured uses Facebook ads to connect with potential customers, and ultimately drive sales. Cured frequently utilized Facebook ads for seasonal promotions, such as discounted holiday gift boxes for customers who sign up for the shop’s mailing list. We worked with Cured to set up a simple A/B Test for this seasonal promotion, utilizing an existing, top-performing ad as the control and testing against a Shotzr image.

The top-performing ad provided by Cured featured product imagery, with a flat lay featuring the contents of one of the holiday gift box offerings. The Shotzr image we tested featured snow-dusted Flatirons – an iconic landmark of the shop’s Boulder, Colorado location. All other ad parameters, including audience, copy, and CTA, were held constant between the two ads.

Ad Goal & Targeting

  • GOAL: Facebook Lead Generation – Newsletter Signup
  • TARGETING: Male + Female, Ages 22-65+, Boulder, Colorado; Denver, Colorado
  • PLACEMENT: Facebook & Instagram

The Ad Creative

Control Ad

Shotzr Case Study Cured Boulder

Shotzr Ad (Winner)

Shotzr Case Study Cured Boulder

The Results

Shotzr’s version of the ad resulted in 31% more signups at a 24% lower Cost Per Click (CPC) compared to the control ad.

31% More Signups

24% Lower CPCs

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