Boost Marketing Engagement 20% with Localized, Personalized Imagery.

Engaging your audience requires something better than generic stock photography. That's why we deliver fresh images with unparalleled location metadata and tagging

Shotzr makes it easy to find the exact content that will resonate with your customers. And you can use our Social library completely free – forever.

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How Shotzr Works

The way marketers and creators get imagery today is broken. 

"Free stock photo" sites are full of untagged junk, and they pay their contributors in exposure. (Try buying a beer with exposure.) And subscription sites have the same tired, generic content.

Shotzr is different. We offer two tiers – one free, one paid – depending on your needs. Whichever you choose, you're going to find the highest-quality stock photography on the web. And it's all tagged with the best metadata in the business, making it easy for you to find localized, personalized imagery that will resonate with your audience.

Shotzr Social – Free Forever

100,000+ tagged images from our paid network of 1,300 photographers worldwide. Don't see what you need? Request it – free. 

Images are licensed for use anywhere DMCA applies.

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Shotzr Plus – $99/Month

72 million+ royalty-free photos from Getty Images, plus Google Drive and Facebook Ads Manager integrations. 

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Better Imagery Connects
with Your Audience

Get localized, personalized photography from Shotzr today. Watch engagement grow tomorrow. It's the right image for every marketing moment.

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"Shotzr is such a great platform to use and be a part of!"

Charles Martinez

"Shotzr provides images that feel custom and authentic to a brand."

Garrett Mayberry

"Photos are top quality and unique and the experience is so engaging!"

Mindy Hargesheimer