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In today’s world, imagery is essential to effective marketing interactions. In fact, on any given day over 100 billion unique image-focused marketing moments occur. This is why, here at Shotzr, we believe it’s essential to build a dynamic, participatory community of photographers who contribute authentic and fresh content – every single day.

We created Shotzr with you – the photographer – in mind: a platform that bridges the gap between customer convenience and photographer compensation.

Shotzr makes it easier than ever for users to access quality imagery from local and global photographers, while also providing these photographers with more than the “promise of exposure” as compensation for their work.

On the Shotzr platform, you’ll retain the rights to your images while being paid for your contributions through our Sponsored Program, where you’ll accumulate points based on platform activity which can be cashed out directly into your bank account. 

Unlike other free stock sites, we understand that, while public exposure is key for photographers, image views and downloads aren’t going to pay your rent. Interested in learning more?

Read on to learn how you can get started with Shotzr!

"Shotzr's team actually cares about their photographer community, unlike all other stock photography platforms. I’ve contributed my work on a few popular sites before and now, I exclusively share my photos only Shotzr."
"Very user friendly for photographers and customers. Beautiful community. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!"
"Shotzr is such a great platform to use and be a part of! Highly recommend it to any photographers and to anyone looking for stock imagery."

How the Sponsored Program works:

How to get started:

1. Create your Shotzr account
Via Shotzr for Web, iOS, or Android.
2. Upload your first images to the platform and begin building your profile

3. Request Verification

Photographers who meet our quality standard will be immediately “verified”. This means that any images you post will now be searchable and that your profile is visible to Shotzr users.

4. Become Sponsored

If your imagery routinely meets Shotzr's quality standards and you are active on the platform, you will receive an invitation to become a Sponsored Contributor. Acceptance times will vary based on program capacity.

Click here to learn more about our Sponsored Program and how compensation works.