Share your imagery on Shotzr.

Earn money and rewards as a Verified Shotzr Photographer.

Why share on Shotzr?

Having your work reposted should come with a financial incentive, not just an @ mention. So we created Shotzr; an alternative that directly connects the right photographers with digital marketers, and then focuses compensation towards the best and most responsive Shotzr photographers.

You're in control.

You shouldn't have to sign away ownership with your images. With Shotzr, you can share the images you want to share. If you ever change your mind, you can remove your work from the platform at any time.

Connect & earn.

On average, each of our clients uses 40 images/week. When you upload your best work to our library and respond to requests in the app, your work will be downloaded/shared more which means more $$$.

How does being a Shotzr Photographer work?

Download the app for iOS or Android and create an account.

When you add your first image, you can request verification. Once verified, upload images just like you do to Instagram.

Verified Shotzr Photographers are eligible for cash rewards.

Photography by David Leiske of Peyto Lake in Alberta
Crosswalk in NYC Photo by Luke Stackpoole

Every month we distribute our large and growing budget across our Verified Shotzr Photographers – based on their activity.

Activities eligible to earn cash rewards:
Every image uploaded to the library
Each time your image is downloaded/shared from the library

Downloaded/shared images are worth 5 times as much as uploads.

When our clients need specific images, you will receive notifications for those requests.

Responding directly by uploading relevant imagery = the best chance to have your work downloaded or shared, earning you more $$.

Occasionally, Shotzr handles requests that cannot be fulfilled through the app. We will contact you if there is a request of this nature in your area that fits your skill set.

Photo of happy girl at picnic by Photographer Olga Brycht

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download it for iOS here or for Android here.

Download the app and create an account. When you upload your first image, you can send us a request to be verified and become a Shotzr Photographer and include a link to your portfolio or public Instagram handle.

Your images can be used for Digital Marketing purposes by Shotzr users (e.g. Social Media Posts, Boosted or Advertised Social Media Posts, Websites, Display and Email Marketing). If users need your images for projects beyond Digital Marketing (for example, in a print ad), you will receive 70% of any revenue generated from these up-license opportunities.

Contributor activity is measured through image uploads and image downloads/shares (downloaded/shared images are worth 5x more than uploads).

At the end of the month we distribute our growing content budget amongst our Verified Shotzr Photographers. Once you reach $75, you can cash out via PayPal or for rewards.

If you are contacted and hired for a shoot outside of the app for a client, you keep 70%.

We want you to be successful as a Shotzr Photographer!

Respond to requests as often as possible, upload high-quality images regularly, and be consistent! Also, make sure you are adding sufficient hashtags and location data to all of your photos. Hashtags and locations make your images searchable for our clients!

Also – please remember that these images need to be ready for our clients to use/share for Digital Marketing purposes, so please do not use watermarks on your photos.

Currently, our users can submit requests for content in specific locations or with specific #hashtags. You can see all of our current requests if you tap More>Requests>Other Requests. If you’d like to respond to a user’s request, simply upload your images and use the same #hashtags & location that were requested. You can notify the user that you’ve fulfilled their request by tapping “Respond” within the specific request.

Occasionally, Shotzr handles requests that cannot be fulfilled through the app (i.e. company headshots or a photographer for an event). We will contact you outside of the app if there is a request of this nature in your area that fits your skill set.

To read the rest of our FAQ’s for photographers, click here.  Have questions?  Shoot us a note here.

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