Overexposed, a podcast by Shotzr.

Overexposed - A Podcast by Shotzr
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Shotzr has released its very own podcast, Overexposed, that delves into the lives of creators – their work, the hardest lessons they’ve learned, what in life makes them happy, and everything in between. Podcast host Phillip Lemmons seeks to learn about individuals at the center of one of the fastest changing industries. In Overexposed’s first episode, guest Angie Payne talks about climbing, new challenges, and finding balance.

As Angie discusses her journey from climber to photographer, her perseverance and courage become incredibly apparent as she fearlessly enters the challenging world of photography. As Angie discusses the hardest lessons she’s learned, she found that as a climber and as a photographer, her biggest growth has come from the mistakes she’s made and the failures she’s had.  “Every time I’m falling could be looked at as a failure but I would approach the day as I’m going to try and learn one thing in this session. If I learn one thing, if I can figure out one subtlety, then that can be considered a success. The day was a success.”

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