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Shotzr Adds Powerful New Features to Deliver the Exact Image You Need for Every Marketing Moment

Take a look inside the Next Shotzr. Learn more about the powerful new features we've added to deliver truly personalized & highly customizable image solutions for digital marketers.

From the beginning, Shotzr’s goal has been to build a platform to connect digital marketers with the image resources they need — to provide better content, a more responsive network of contributors, and richer data capabilities that empower users with new types of image services.

Introducing a new tier of free imagery

First, we have opened up the Shotzr image platform and have included a significant ‘free’ user offering. In the past, we’ve always offered free trial periods, but starting today users can now access and download Shotzr’s Social imagery (uploaded by active Contributors) without a paid subscription.

How is our ‘free’ offering different from free stock alternatives? We pay our Sponsored and On-Demand Contributors. All of our Contributors are vetted and verified, and certain stand-out Contributors can and do become ‘Sponsored’.

Our Contributors retain copyright when they share their content via Shotzr, which along with other rights and clearance considerations help define our Social imagery license. Social imagery tends to be more local, authentic, and contextual, making it ideal for use in social media marketing. Sponsored Contributors get their share of our content budget each month based on our clients’ usage (i.e. shares and downloads).

Opening up this tier of content for ‘free’ access will boost usage, which in turn feeds right back into the pockets of our Contributors.

Clients can use Shotzr’s Social content in digital uses that are subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s provisions regarding issue reporting and takedown notices, just like YouTube and Instagram.

What does this mean exactly? It’s not copyright-free, and it’s not royalty-free. It’s Social content, with rights considerations that are in harmony with digital and social marketing. You can check out our licensing terms here

Our partnership with Getty Images

Next, our clients now have access to over 70 million royalty-free images through a strategic partnership with Getty Images.  We’re applying Shotzr’s data and Image AI technology to Getty’s world-class content to deliver a truly personalized, highly customizable experience for each Shotzr user. We’re expressing this through our recommendations capability, and through our API with the addition of location search on Getty’s content.

Location data is a key feature that empowers users to source highly targeted imagery through the platform. When a user searches by location, they can search a specific address, define a radius, and then filter based on additional subject matter tags. Think “climbing” in Boulder, Colorado or “surfing” near Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica. We are adding this capability to tens of millions of Getty assets to support multi-factor, deterministic search applications. 

This location search capability is unique to the industry and is becoming mission-critical as marketing automation and personalization require marketers to move beyond basic image search functionalities, and into contextual image recommendations and specialized features.

Shotzr’s time to level up

We passionately believe that delivering the right imagery for every marketing moment will take billions of images.

Over the last 25 years, the entire stock photo industry combined has aggregated approximately one billion images. That’s less than 3% of what Instagram has managed to accumulate by itself in the last decade. In fact, Instagram does every 10 days what the stock photo industry has taken a quarter-century to achieve. 

In response to this need for an ever-evolving library of imagery, we are leveling up by connecting a dynamic, participatory community of contributors with a highly searchable stock image library. Welcome to the Next Shotzr.

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