Shotzr Identify for Advertisers

A programmatic API built to drastically improve ad performance by tailoring ad creative to audience parameters such as location, demographics, and interests.

Features & Benefits

Improve Campaign Performance

Our average client sees a 20%+ increase in click-through rates (CTRs) and up to 2x return on ad spend (ROAS).

Better Data Insights

Let data light the path by scaling A/B testing across target audiences and creatives.

Increase Targeting Capabilities

Contextually rich creative allows you to make the most of targeting capabilities within your budget.

More Content = More Ads

Run more ad campaigns with more ad variations and richer targeting capabilities.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

We save our clients over two hours per week by streamlining the process of sourcing creative for ads.

Use Relevant Imagery

Content using relevant imagery receive 94% more views, on average. Easily refresh your creative to avoid stale results.

How it works:

shotzr identify

All of the images are cleared for programmatic use.

shotzr identify

Identify receives ad set parameters via Shotzr's API.

shotzr identify

Identify returns micro-targeted images based on location and/or interest.

Play Video

An example of an ad created using Identify with targeted images based on location and interest.

Using targeted imagery in digital ads results in a 20% increase in CTRs. We guarantee it. Find out how you can achieve the same results.

Shotzr Identify for Facebook, Display and Native Advertising.*

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*Identify is screened and curated for advertising and programmatic usage. We apply our most rigorous content standards to the Identify Collections.

“The ad using Shotzr imagery produced 30% more clicks and 28% lower CPC when compared with the control ad”

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