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How To Create An Ideal Customer Profile [With Free Template]

Learn how to build an ideal customer profile and then use it to build target audiences for B2C digital advertising campaigns!

A customer profile is a generalized description of your ideal customer. It includes their demographics, interests, affinities, goals, frustrations, preferred media channels, etc.

If you utilize paid advertising, creating ideal customer profiles is an important step in determining parameters for your target audiences. 

Read on to learn tactics for collecting customer data and how to create your ideal customer profiles for B2C digital advertising campaigns.

Step 1: Collect Customer Data

The first step when creating your ideal customer profile is to collect as much data about your customer as possible. Some approaches to collect data are:

Customer Surveys

Use customer surveys when you can, but try and ask short amounts of questions periodically and pull the answers into a central customer profile, you’ll collect insight a little at a time without jeopardizing the experience you are trying to develop. Survey Monkey and Typeform are a couple of great tools to survey your customers

Customer Provided Data

In many cases you can simply ask clients to maintain their own data, easily achieved by giving them profile editing tools, e.g. users can change their phone number themselves without needing the brand involved at all, customers will find this a great convenience.

Analytics Tools

Utilizing website and Facebook analytics are a no-brainer, but go well beyond tracking conversions, ask the pertinent questions about demographics, technology usage, source traffic, behaviors, and customer affinities.

A note on ethical data use: It’s important for both legal and ethical issues to maintain clear data usage terms for clients, but also explain how this data will optimize their experience, your company is penultimately collecting data to improve the user experience which leads to greater revenues.

Also, the more time that users spend engaging with your digital assets the more data you will continue to gain about them, sharpening your targeting and understanding of the people you want to connect with.

Step 2: Use Your Data to Create Ideal Customer Profiles

Once you have collected and analyzed your customer data, it is time to create your ideal customer profiles. It’s a good idea to create several segments when you are analyzing your customer data because he more segmentations you find, the more profiles you can create.

It’s advisable to add more and more detail to your personas to gain a clearer insight into your audience, however, when they become too specific you will run the risk of not reaching anyone. Find the balance between general and specific personas, continue to comb over your data, it will tell you the balance.

Some marketers suggest naming your personas, like “Travelust Tessa,  25-32 years old, loves adventure travel and sharing her trips on Instagram”, as a way to really wrap your head around a segment of your customers.

B2C Ideal Customer Profile Template
Example Ideal Customer Profile

Create Your Profiles

Using the template provided, build your ideal customer profiles using:

  • Persona Name
  • Description
  • Quote
  • Age
  • Location
  • Industry/Job Title
  • Primary Language
  • Interests
  • Affinities
  • Goals
  • Frustrations
  • Brands They Love
  • Influencers They Follow
  • Platforms They Use

Use Your Ideal Customer Profile to Improve Your Targeting

Once you have defined your ideal customer profile, you can use it not only across your sales and marketing channels to generate high-quality leads for your business, but also to streamline audience targeting parameters for B2C digital advertising campaigns.

Shotzr’s Image Recommendations-as-a-Service can help fuel your personalized campaigns by providing targeted imagery based on your ideal customer profile parameters.

Ready to create your own ideal customer profile? Download our free editable ICP template to get started!

Free Editable Ideal Customer Profile Template

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