How to Utilize Personalized Ad Creative the Right Way
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How to Utilize Personalized Ad Creative the Right Way

Shotzr Blog - A look at the importance of using personlized & targeted ad creative to match your intended audience in order to improve your ad performance.

The Importance of Personalized and Targeted Ad Creative

To say that Facebook is a marketers paradise is an understatement. With 68% of America spending 58 minutes a day on Facebook, it remains one of the most powerful advertising tools in the world. But, it’s not only your prospects that are using Facebook daily; 93% of marketers regularly use Facebook as part of their ad rotation.

With so many marketers littering Facebook with ads, finding a way to stand out in the crowd can be tough. After all, why should users click on your ad instead of all of those other ads? Actually, why should they click your ad at all?

Let's Dive Deeper!

Today, we’re going to look at how baking personalization into your Facebook ads can garner incredible results (e.g., conversions, higher CTRs, etc.) And, how you can use targeted ad creative to persuade users to choose your ad over all of your competitors.

Understanding Targeting on Facebook

When it comes to targeting toolkits, Facebook has one of the most robust campaign managers on the planet. You can get hyper-granular with your campaigns and target exactly who you want.

Why do you want to spend time segmenting and targeting your audience? Well, with over 2.3 billion users, you want your ads to reach the right audience. Remember, if the wrong person clicks on your ad, you still have to pay. Not only that; if you start segmenting populations and getting granular with your demographics and other metrics, you can begin personalizing your ads to be more efficient (more on this in a moment).

To target your audience on Facebook, you can use three different audience tools — Saved Audiences, Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences.

Saved Audiences

This is your standard audience set up on Facebook. You can select from many different variables to target the exact users you want. We always recommend following your buyer’s persona (set one up if you haven’t!) or your target audience.

The four buckets of audience targeting on Facebook are:

  • Behavioral-based: This is where you can reach people who are involved in particular “behaviors.” This section is extremely helpful for getting to those exact people you want. So, if you were a realtor, you could find people who were currently house-hunting or those who just moved.
  • Demographic-based: Your buyer’s persona will come in handy here. You can filter through various demographic information (e.g., age, gender, language, etc.)
  • Location-based: Here is where you can choose which groups of people to target based on location. There are a few options here to choose from. You can select people who are traveling to that destination, live in that destination, recently lived in that destination, etc.
  • Interest-based: Want to target people who are interested in moving? Or, maybe you’re looking for people who love shoes? You can use this section to define that.

Custom Audiences

In the custom audience section, you can start targeting people who have recently browsed your website or who have engaged with you in the past. These are the “golden zone” customers, so it’s almost always a good idea to set up at least one campaign with a custom audience.

Facebook Ad Customer Audience Builder
Facebook Ads Manager Custom Audience Builder

Lookalike Audiences

In the lookalike section, you can plug in existing audience data (e.g., from a CRM) to create an audience on Facebook that matches them. This is super useful, and we recommend playing around with it if you already have some audience data.

Facebook Ads Manager Lookalike Audience Builder
Facebook Ads Manager Lookalike Audience Builder

Why Personalized Ad Creative Is Important

Setting up targeted audiences is one thing, but creating ads that are relevant to them is an entirely different ballgame. Most ads on Facebook utilize three core components — an image, text, and a CTA. It’s perfectly acceptable to leave your CTA static, but your image and text should change based on each audience you establish and each campaign you’re running.

We’re going to focus on images in this section — namely, because images count for 75 – 90% of your advertisement’s effectiveness. People are visual creatures. Case in point, images get 94% more views than text-only ads. Creating a separate image for each campaign that’s personalized and immediately relevant to your customers is a quick way to growth hack your results. In fact, 79% of customers say that they will only engage with an ad if it’s been personalized!

Let's Take An Example

Let’s say you’re an agency tasked with running ads for a major airline client, and you want to set up a Facebook campaign to promote a flight deal to Los Angeles.

Start with:

  • Picking your campaign goal.
  • Selecting your ad set targeting (by location, demographics, and interest) and including people who are actively looking to book a trip or travel to Los Angeles.
  • Then, set up your ad creative and make it personalized.

When you’re designing your ads to target this group of people, you want to consider whether are you personalizing them effectively. Do you want to send a static picture of a city skyline to every person looking to travel to Los Angeles? Probably not! Everyone is different, and the same generic picture isn’t going to resonate with everyone you’re looking to target. You want to make sure that each image is personalized.

foodie los angeles
Foodie Shot
Venice Beach California
Venice Beach Shot

So, instead of a generic city skyline, use location-based images that can be personalized based on your target audiences. Now, instead of everyone getting that skyline image, some audience members are getting images of Los Angeles foodie scene, while others are getting images of Venice Beach.

The Takeaway

With the right personalization and targeting your Facebook ads can garner some incredible results. We heavily recommend playing around with personalization in conjunction with targeting to boost your CTRs, engagement levels, and leads.

At Shotzr, we leverage deep learning to recommend, source and deliver imagery based on location and audience targeting data, customer history, and contextual relevance. Our average client sees a 20% increase in CTR and saves over two hours of work per week.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Shotzr can save you time and provide targeted creative to increase your ad performance, check out our products here.

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