Shotzr makes it easier than ever for users to access quality imagery from local and global photographers, while also providing these photographers with more than the “promise of exposure” as compensation for their work.

Today, the importance of specific, emotive, and unique imagery has never been higher. Yet the value of a single image has never been lower.

The term “free stock photos” has become the bane of most photographers’ existence. This is because unfortunately, for many photographers, ‘free stock photos’ has become synonymous with free or undervalued work. More and more, the promise of “exposure” is being positioned as more valuable than monetary compensation.

In a world where there are more than 100 billion unique marketing moments that include imagery on any given day, we believe it’s essential to build a dynamic, participatory community of photographers who contribute authentic and fresh content. Every single day.

Preview of Shotzr Contributor @sanfransisco‘s profile and imagery.

Shotzr’s Free Tier of Social Imagery

This content is referred to as ‘Social’ imagery in the Shotzr platform, which is available to download and use free of charge.

So while Shotzr still includes a ‘free’ photo offering, it’s drastically different from traditional free stock alternatives. We created the platform with the photographer in mind. 

Most Shotzr clients pay a monthly subscription to access the platform, not individual royalties on the images they use. While there are other free stock sites that don’t pay royalties, these sites often don’t pay their photographers at all and offer exposure as a motivator for contributing work. 

We believe that we can build a more compelling, equitable platform by including our photographers in our vision from the start.

So how does our program work? 

  • We devote a piece of our revenue toward a content budget
  • Each month, we divvy up the content budget and pay our Sponsored contributors based on their activity level
  • Activity levels are measured by number of uploads, downloads, and shares
  • Downloads and shares are more heavily weighted than uploads, but it all counts
  • If you’re a Sponsored contributor, you will receive a piece of the budget for just uploading new content to the platform

This means you don’t need to wait for your work to be shared before you get paid. And, as Shotzr continues to grow, so will our content budget.

Shotzr contributors don’t have to forfeit image rights.

Another important factor is that Shotzr contributors don’t have to forfeit image rights. When you upload content to Shotzr, you retain the copyright to your work, which, along with other rights and clearance considerations, help define our Social imagery license. Social imagery tends to be more local, authentic, and contextual, making it ideal for use in social media marketing.

Our goal behind opening up our platform and offering free access to our ‘Social’ imagery is to help boost overall usage and activity, which in turn feeds right back into the pockets of our Contributors.

You can learn more about our Sponsored Photographer Contributor program here. Or start building your profile on Shotzr by creating an account today!

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