Discover the solution built to streamline the ad creative process and drastically improve ad performance by delivering targeted imagery for personalized campaigns, at scale.

Shotzr Identify

Boost Ad Performance

Unlock Targeting Capabilities

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Shotzr Identify


Unlimited Imagery

Access unlimited photos from our Engage Platform for all of your digital marketing needs. Shotzr's library features targeted, authentic, and local imagery from all over the world.

Ad Campaign Image Collections

Receive curated image collections for personalized ad campaigns based on your target audience parameters.

API & Integrations

Integrate with Facebook Ads Manager or connect to ad destinations via our API. Identify will deliver targeted creative for your campaigns based on your audience parameters, such as location, demographics, and interests.

Who Will Benefit the Most?

Agencies & SMBs

Save time, maximize targeting capabilities, and improve ad performance with personalized imagery delivered at scale.

Creative Management Platforms

Receive contextually relevant imagery based on location and audience targeting, at scale, that boosts CTRs by 20-60%.

Campaign Management Platforms

Increase ad spend through your platform with targeted creative delivered programmatically that provides 60-200% increase in ROAS.

Plans & Pricing

Our Identify product offers a full-service subscription for digital marketing and advertising teams.

Use unlimited imagery from our web app, receive curated image collections, and integrate to your ad platforms to receive targeted imagery for personalized ad campaigns.



Multiple Users

Unlimited Imagery Licensed for Digital Marketing & Advertising

Ad Campaign Image Collections

Email, Chat & Phone Support



Custom Pricing

API Access

Ad Platform Integrations

Our average client sees a 20%+ increase in click-through rates (CTRs) and up to 2x return on ad spend (ROAS).

Example of an ad created using Identify with targeted images based on location and interest.

personalized ad creative
personalized ad creative
personalized ad creative
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