Access authentic photos for digital marketing via our self-service web app platform. For just $10/month.

Shotzr Engage
Shotzr Engage

Authentic Photo Library

Download photos from our Web or Mobile app. Shotzr's library features targeted, authentic, and local imagery from all over the world. Just search by location or #hashtag.

Photos Licensed for Digital Marketing

All of our photos are licensed for use in Digital Marketing. Find and use imagery for all of your social posts, paid social, websites, emails, blog posts, and more.

Active Photographer Network

Need specific content? Simply submit a request in our app to activate our network of 3,000+ photographers and receive the images you need.

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50 images/month

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Using targeted imagery boosts engagement and increases click-through rates by an average of 20%.

Types of Imagery Sourced by Shotzr

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