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Featured Shotzr Contributor – Nate Castner

Contributor: Nate Castner
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Shotzr Handle: @natecastner
Instagram Handle: @castnerphotography

Q&A with Shotzr Featured Contributor Nate Castner:

Shotzr: Tell us a little about yourself!
Nate:  I’m an adventure junkie! Anything to get outside, do something fun, and get a little adrenaline hit! I love climbing, skiing, hiking, running, mountain biking, and traveling. I’m big on life optimization: health and wellness, fitness, business, relationships, and happiness. I want to get the most out of this life!

Shotzr: How did you get your start in photography?
Nate: I got started with photography while traveling for work. I had incredible opportunities to see the country, so I wanted to start capturing the memories of all the cool places I was going. Sometimes it was a big city, other times, I could get away and hit a National Park for a couple of days.

Shotzr: What attracted you to wedding photography?
Nate: My wife Anna and I got into wedding photography because we love love! We feel like it’s such an honor to be there for one of the most special days of a couple’s life together. It’s a day full of positive vibes! We love meeting people, dancing, getting to tell the story of their day through our creativity, and it has a fun combination of action, documentary, landscape, and portrait photography. It’s everything we love!

Shotzr: What are the advantages of shooting as a husband and wife team?
Nate: It’s such a perfect combination for Anna and me to shoot weddings together! We each bring our own creative perspective, which compliments each others’ and helps tell a richer version of the story. We can divide and conquer different parts of the day to get better coverage. We also find it’s a fun dynamic for the bride and groom to be working with another couple who’s madly in love!

Shotzr: We would love for you to share a bit about your experience so far being a Contributor for Shotzr.
Nate:  I’ve really loved being a Shotzr contributor! For one, it gets me out shooting all the time, which is so much fun and keeps my skills sharp. I also like contemplating the business side of it, trying to anticipate what sorts of messages a company may want to say, which keeps me looking for scenes that have a message to speak. Everyone I’ve met through Shotzr has been amazing too; Mark really knows how to put together a team!

Shotzr: How did moving across the country to Boulder, CO affect your photography, if at all?
Nate: Moving to Colorado launched my photography forward light-years! I’m a landscape photographer at heart and what better place could I be for stunning scenery? The awesomeness of people out here also provides incredible subjects, whether its clients or friends to shoot on our adventures.

Shotzr: You mention meditation frequently on your Instagram. How do you merge the “always on” nature of owning your own business and necessity of being active on social media with this practice?
Meditation has been one of the greatest tools I’ve discovered for self-improvement, stress management, mindfulness, creativity, and much more! At the core, it has helped me learn to see my thoughts from more of an outside perspective, which helps me stay present in the moment and focused on what’s important. I used to get super stressed feeling like there was a never-ending addition of new tasks, new pictures to post, and new ideas to pursue, essentially feeling like I was failing because I couldn’t keep up and clear my checklists. In this “always on” culture, it’s a never-ending battle for your time and attention. We do our best to carve out time for social media, but also make sure we step away from it to keep our own sanity. I really strive to keep my personal wellbeing as a priority because I’m my best self when I do. Being my best self-results in the best experience of this life, including my relationships, my personal happiness, and our business success.

Shotzr: What are your long-term goals within the wedding industry?
Nate: Our long-term goal is to open up our own wedding venue in the mountains! We want to be able to craft the setting and experience to our vision and facilitate the most amazing and beautiful weddings!

Shotzr: What’s your favorite Colorado beer that you have discovered in the last year?
Nate: Oh man, choosing my favorite Colorado beer is tough! I always love trying new beers, and there are so many amazing ones out there! The first one that comes to mind is Odell’s 90 Shilling Amber Ale. Always a solid choice.

Shotzr: What’s your favorite image that you’ve contributed in the last month?
Nate: This season, I’ve been really digging shooting while I ski. I was fortunate to get out a bunch this year on some decent powder days, and this photo represents all of the fun we had out there!

Shotzr Photographer Nate Castner Snowboarding Shot

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