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Featured Shotzr Contributor – Jackson Denzler-Eckles

Contributor: Jackson Denzler-Eckles
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Shotzr Handle: @jackson
Instagram Handle: @jdeckles

Q&A with Shotzr Contributor Jackson

Shotzr: Tell us a little about yourself!
Jackson: I’m a commercial drone pilot with an FAA Part 107. I love the drone community and how awesome all you guys are – so very positive and encouraging with how all of you push me to do better after each and every photo I post.

I’ve connected with so many people around the world because of this community and I’m extremely thankful for those that have supported me through this journey.

Shotzr: How did you get your start in photography?
Jackson: I’ve been into drones for about two years now and I don’t see this profession/hobby slowing down for me or the community anytime soon. The drone craze has just begun! My first drone was a Phantom 3 Standard and is what started my craze for the amazing technology. Using the money I made from jobs, I then bought a Mavic Alpine White and now the Phantom 4 Pro.

Shotzr: Tell us about your experience so far as a Shotzr Contributor?
Jackson: I’ve had the pleasure of with working with Shotzr for the past year, and it’s been an amazing experience. If you haven’t checked out what they offer yet, I would highly recommend you do. Make some money here and there by taking pictures – what’s better than that?

Shotzr: Can you tell us about your experience getting your FAA license?

Jackson: Getting my Part 107 license was a task, nonetheless. It took two months of studying hard to fail it getting a 69%. Which is 1% less than the passing score of 70%. The second time, I got an 88% and I only studied for 2 weeks after I failed the first time. If you fail, you must wait a minimum of 2 weeks. Also, did I mention each time you take the test it’s a $150 fee?

Shotzr: What tips would you have for other photographers looking to get their drone license?
Jackson: If one was looking to get their FAA license, I would dedicate at least 12-15 hours of studying for the test. Either using apps on your phone or using specific programs like RemotePilot101. I personally used YouTube videos and apps. The thing that really helped me was an app called Flight Ready Test Prep.

Shotzr: How many times have you crashed your drone?
When I was a noob pilot I crashed my drone twice. I didn’t care as much because my drone was worth $400 back then and now my drone is nearing $2000.

Shotzr: Tell us about your favorite image or video you’ve captured and uploaded to Shotzr. Was it also one of your most popular? Why did it stick with you?
My favorite picture I’ve recently done is a picture of Chautauqua that I took with my P4Pro and I stitched 4 images together in Photoshop. It stuck with me because I just love how the mountains and everything in the picture turned out after I stitched it together. It’s my most liked picture on Instagram with over 500 likes. If you want to follow me along this journey, please download Shotzr (Username @Jackson) and follow me on IG (Username @jdeckles).

Drone Image Boulder Flatirons by Shotzr Contributor Jackson Denzler-Eckles


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