Photographer FAQ's

Please read below for frequently asked questions for Shotzr contributing photographers.

You can download it for iOS here or for Android here.

Contributors are photographers that upload their images into the Shotzr app and receive monthly compensation. You must be verified first in order to be a contributor.

Download the app and create an account. When you upload your first image, you can send us a request to be verified and include a link to your portfolio or public Instagram handle.

Your images can be used for Digital Marketing purposes by Shotzr users (e.g. Social Media Posts, Boosted or Advertised Social Media Posts, Websites, Display and Email Marketing). If users need your images for projects beyond Digital Marketing (for example, in a print ad), you will receive 70% of any revenue generated from these up-license opportunities.

Contributor activity is measured through uploads and downloads/shares (downloaded/shared images are worth 5x more than uploads).

At the end of the month we distribute our growing content budget amongst our verified contributors. Once you reach $75 you can cash out via paypal or via rewards.

If you are contacted and hired for a shoot outside of the app for a client, you keep 70%.

Respond to requests as often as possible, upload high-quality images regularly, and be consistent! Also, make sure you are adding sufficient hashtags and location data to all of your photos. Hashtags and locations make your images searchable for our clients!

Also – please remember that these images need to be ready for our clients to use/share for Digital Marketing purposes, so please do not use watermarks on your photos.

We are looking for your creative best! Please, no watermarked images as our clients need to be able to share and use them immediately in Digital Marketing.

As for what types of images, the first place to look is our “Requests” tab. You can find this by clicking More>Requests>Other Requests. These are the photos that we need most at this time.

Aside from the requests, we look forward to receiving “Coverage Photos” from your area.

Examples of coverage photos include:

  • Iconic locations in your area (locations associated with your town, city or region . ie. Times Square, Statue of Liberty, etc.)
  • Events or activities in your area
  • Popular neighborhoods
  • Hidden Gems (Places around town that a local would truly appreciate.)
  • Popular businesses and buildings known to your area
  • The general essence of your city

Currently, our users can submit requests for content in specific locations or with specific #hashtags. You can see all of our current requests if you tap More>Requests>Other Requests. If you would like to respond to a user’s request then simply upload your images and use the same #hashtags & location that were requested.  You may notify the user that you have fulfilled their request by tapping “Respond” within the specific request.

Occasionally, Shotzr handles requests that cannot be fulfilled through the app (i.e. company headshots or a photographer for an event). We will contact you outside of the app if there is a request of this nature in your area that fits your skill set.

  • Tap the “+” button at the bottom of the app
  • Tap “Share Photo”
  • Select Image
  • Add Location
  • Use a minimum of 5 hashtags

After being verified, we will send you our Tagging Guidelines. But as you get started, please include any relevant #hashtags as well as location information. Please keep in mind that tags are a promise to our users. Tags should be descriptive and accurately describe your image.

Always keep the following tag prompts in mind:

  • Location: Although you have noted the location on the map, please be sure to use several location hashtags as well. ie: #BrooklynBridge #DowntownSeattle, #CentralPark, etc.
  • Season: #Summer, #Raining, #Spring, #Fall, #Snowing, #Winter, etc.
  • Time: #Morning, #Evening, #Sunset, #Night, etc.
  • Activity: #Running, #Shopping, #Watching, etc. 
  • People and Demographic (If people are in the photo.): #People, #Millennial, #BabyBoomer, etc.

We do not require that your images are taken with a DSLR camera, however, about 80% of the images we receive are. Please note, we also reserve the right to reject any image, for any reason. 

Shotzr is available and fully functional for photographers to use around the world. If you receive this message, simply click “OK” to continue forward and begin adding photos to the app. We are available in the app store in  most app stores around the world. If we are not available in your country and you would like to contribute please contact us.

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