Cassie Taylor Extra On Top Photographer Kansas City
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Featured Shotzr Contributor – Cassie Taylor AKA Extra on Top

Contributor: Cassie Taylor
Location: Kansas City
Shotzr Handle: @extratontop
Instagram Handle: @extraontop

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a former musician turned Mom turned social imager. I love beer, food, and having epic sword fighting battles with my toddler.

What initially got you started in photography?

I wanted to up my social media game and I knew the difference between a good account and a great account was quality visuals. Turns out, I love taking photos and it’s helped me gain a new perspective on the importance of storytelling through imagery.

With your current experience in mind, what type of advice would you have given yourself when you were first starting out? 

If you love it don’t give up… I got a late start in photography because my high school photography teacher told me I wasn’t any good. Fast forward 15 years and I’m just now coming back to it. Don’t listen to negativity and follow your passion. I can’t make up for the time but now I concentrate on what I can do, which is why I approach everything I do with drive and focus.

How did you get into flat lay photography? 

I did it for the gram! I had a little women’s boutique when we lived in a small town south of where we are now. I found that flat lay photography was a beautiful way to merchandise products and promote them to my customer base on Instagram. 

Flat Lay at Hand and Land in Kansas City

What’s been your all-time favorite flat lay that you’ve created? 

Probably the pink flat lay I created with Hand and Land. Jessica (the owner) has done a great job curating a beautiful shop of natural products. Being able to pull from a collection of lovely things makes my job easy. She was such a positive person who really appreciates other lady entrepreneurs. Also, I got a few follows and reposts from that photo. Small artisanal brands love to see their products on Instagram, and I love to make new connections by tagging the different makers/brands of each product.

What’s your favorite part of shooting for Shotzr? 

I love the community involvement it has allowed me. Our family is newer to the Kansas City area and it has given me a way to become acquainted with local shops and owners. I have made some great connections and love going back to the places for a cup of coffee, a slice of pie, or a familiar face. 

What type of advice would you give contributors that are looking to create more content to submit to Shotzr? 

Keep showing up. There is a whole world of stories ready to be told. Wake up, pack your camera and get ready to listen. 

Check out more of Cassie’s images in the Shotzr app! She is available by request to create flat lays and illustrations. 

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