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We are the world’s fastest-growing mobile stock photography platform.

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Our mission at Shotzr is to connect businesses to a global network of professional photographers to source high-quality, targeted imagery for use in Digital Marketing.


Using hyper-local, non-traditional images to tell your brand’s story is proven to dramatically increase your reach and engagement.


We are not typical "stock photos". We focus on curating creative, editorial, and high-quality imagery from all over the world.


We serve businesses that need images for Digital Marketing. Our clients range from local cheese shops to national brands.


Our pricing starts at $9.99/month for unlimited image shares/downloads. Paid requests and up licensing are available add-ons. See plans here.

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“Being a Shotzr contributor is great because it forces me to open up creatively. I’m now looking to shoot a different type of image that can be used for licensing or advertising. As a photographer, I am constantly trying to grow and learn, so it’s amazing to have a platform that keeps the pressure on!”

Brian Olds

Contributing Photographer

“We have totally changed our process thanks to Shotzr. Instead of coming up with a story and hunting for the right shot, we start with the right shot and adapt our story. It’s much easier.”

Anke Heckhoff

VP of Marketing, ThriveHive

Shotzr is incredibly useful and geographically relevant and an amazing resource for a small business to access professional photography, at a fraction of the cost.

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Owner, Cured
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