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Collections of Recommended Imagery

Discover how Shotzr’s AI platform streamlines the process of sourcing royalty-free imagery for digital marketers and advertisers. We deliver on-brand and targeted image recommendations for social, digital, and platform marketing campaigns.

The Content

Over 70 Million Royalty-Free Photos

Shotzr combines a world-class collection of royalty-free stock photos with authentic, local imagery from our active global network of photographers to provide you with access to over 100 million assets.

Search the library and download all of the images you need for your digital marketing and advertising projects.

Royalty Free Stock Photos

Collections of Recommended Imagery

Powered by AI for your Brand, Projects, or Campaigns.

Save hours of time per week with AI-recommended imagery delivered straight to your inbox when you need it.

Our AI technology provides recommendations based on three parameters – you or your clients’ visual brand, target audience interests, and location.

Because the imagery delivered in collections is personalized and targeted to your specific campaigns, projects or brand, we guarantee you will see higher engagement rates & Return On Ad Spend.

Browse examples and learn more about collections of recommended imagery here.

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A Peek at A Collection of Recommended Imagery

Shotzr User: Digital Marketing Agency 

Agency Client: Boutique hotel chain that needs on-brand lifestyle imagery for ongoing social campaigns 

Client Branding: Young, Bright, Colorful

Target Audience & Interests: Millennial Travelers, Craft Cocktails, Foodies, Live Music, Artsy

Location: San Francisco

Recommended Stock Photo Collection

features & benefits

Save Time & Increase Efficiency

You need stock imagery, at scale. You could spend hours searching through stock photo junkyards; or our AI can do it for you.

Boost Ad Performance With Targeted Imagery

Our clients see a 20-60% increase in CTRs using targeted imagery delivered via collections based on their campaign audience targeting parameters.

Utilize Our Active Photographer Network

Need specific content? Simply submit a free or paid request in our app to activate our network of 3,000+ photographers and receive the images you need.

Dynamic Photo Library

Our royalty-free stock photos provide you with fully cleared imagery for digital ads. Our photographer network provides you with a dynamic flow of local, authentic imagery ideal for editorial and social feeds.

Facebook Ads Manager Integration

Streamline your ad creation process by exporting collections directly to your Facebook Ads Manager Asset Library for your campaigns.

API Integration

Shotzr’s API can connect to various destinations to programmatically deliver targeted imagery, at scale based on audience parameters such as location, demographics, and interests.

Come for the royalty-free stock photos, stay for everything else.

All Shotzr subscriptions include:

  • Access to Over 70 Million Images
  • 4+ Collections of Recommended Imagery per Month
  • All Royalty-Free Images Cleared for Use in Marketing & Advertising
  • All Social Images Cleared for Editorial Use
  • Download all the Images You Need for Campaigns & Social Channels
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 5+ User Seats
  • Integrate with Facebook Ads Manager
  • Unlimited Collection Viewers
  • Unlimited Free Image Requests

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