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Our mission at Shotzr is to provide you with targeted, local, and authentic imagery for use in everyday Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Digital Advertising posts.

Save time.

Focus on what matters.

Enjoy personalized images in your feed, and fall back to search as a backstop. Follow tags and locations, make requests, and enjoy our curated collections like #evoke. And forget points or transactions. Our feed is yours. Get fresh photos delivered daily. Take back your time.

All that's left to do is swipe, tap & share.

Build your LOCAL clout.

Stand out and bring your neighborhood to your clients. Show them the best parts of living in your town, like events, destinations, parks, downtown, adventures... it's all there. Check the map and follow hashtags, locations or contributors.

Be local to win.

Inspire your daily posts.

Running dry on creativity after searching for new, authentic & on-brand photos on your 90th day? We thought so. Let our photographers inspire you. Let our feed spark yours.

Don't see what you need? Make a request. Nearby contributors will go to work, responding to your request with images from their libraries or shooting fresh shots. On demand imagery is at your service.

Scroll and swipe what inspires you.

Our Coverage

Shotzr has active contributors in many US cities, and dozens of contributors in our fully launched regions including Denver, Boulder & Colorado.

Don't see your town? Get the app and make a request, and we will add contributors in your area.

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